Monday, May 5, 2008

Channeling Nigella

Channeling Nigella
Some days...on rare days when the moon is blue and the planets align...I'm bitten by the baking bug. Today it was all about my Inner Domestic Goddess so of course I pulled out my copy of Nigella Express. She is my Idol, my Cooking Guru. Not only is she the laziest (not to mention messiest) cook around but her short cuts make perfect sense and the recipes are delicious.
The Best (and Easiest) Banana Muffins Ever
On the menu: Banana Muffins. A sure fire way to make those black bananas disappear into golden, yummy sweetness that can't be beat. We've Two Variations on a Theme today: Mini Muffins with Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips, and a Loaf with Montmorency Dried Cherries.
Variation 2
My personal favorite is the cherries but the peanut butter/chocolate chip also go down nicely with milk.
Variation 1
The second key to my baking success today: Move the baking cannisters out from the pantry to the cupboard in the kitchen. Viola! I'm so much more inspired to bake when I can reach into the cupboard and in five seconds have the ingredients out on the counter before I have second thoughts...or my innate ennui reasserts control over me and I abandon my urge to bake. Before, with those silly cannisters in the pantry there were just too many steps involved and I'd quickly lose the desire to bake.
Baking Day
And of course when I do get bit by the bug I go whole hog and it's usually a baking extravaganza where several recipes are made and I'm exhausted by the end of the session. Not today. Today it was all about "express" baking with minimal effort for maximum results a la Nigella.
Two Variations on a Theme
Lovely sweetness pours forth
Ready to Pour
Baked and Ready
So I'm good for a while more baking until the bananas go black again!

Teatime Treats
Teatime anyone?
Teatime Treats