Saturday, July 19, 2008

My little idea explodes! Ravelympics 2008

Ravelympics 08 Banner, originally uploaded by WackyAuntie.

So where have I been lately? At the pool, knitting baby things for the soon to arrive nephew, enjoying playing with J-Man and Miss Mosey?


You see I had this The Olympics are soon. Wonder if anyone on Ravelry would like to start a group. After a quick search I found a group and sent the creator a little email, "Gee would it be okay if I post up a few Event threads so everyone can have a place to chat about projects we'll be knitting during the Summer Games?"


Few weeks later and my little seed of an idea is now a full-blown melee, the First Inaugural International Ravelympics! As of my last update we're up to about 1200 signups (with most committed to multiple events).

I've been so busy signing up people with the help of my co-moderator that I'm falling behind in so many things! Oh and at the same time this idea popped in my laptop suddenly went kaput and needed brain-surgery. Two replacement hard drives later, much angst and frustration, and countless trips up and down stairs to Hubby's computer... my laptop is recovered and I'm getting things back to normal. Or as normal as they'll be for the next month while I'm in the throes of Ravelympic Fever '08!

Gotta get back to work... more Ravletes signing up as we speak!