Saturday, July 19, 2008

My little idea explodes! Ravelympics 2008

Ravelympics 08 Banner, originally uploaded by WackyAuntie.

So where have I been lately? At the pool, knitting baby things for the soon to arrive nephew, enjoying playing with J-Man and Miss Mosey?


You see I had this The Olympics are soon. Wonder if anyone on Ravelry would like to start a group. After a quick search I found a group and sent the creator a little email, "Gee would it be okay if I post up a few Event threads so everyone can have a place to chat about projects we'll be knitting during the Summer Games?"


Few weeks later and my little seed of an idea is now a full-blown melee, the First Inaugural International Ravelympics! As of my last update we're up to about 1200 signups (with most committed to multiple events).

I've been so busy signing up people with the help of my co-moderator that I'm falling behind in so many things! Oh and at the same time this idea popped in my laptop suddenly went kaput and needed brain-surgery. Two replacement hard drives later, much angst and frustration, and countless trips up and down stairs to Hubby's computer... my laptop is recovered and I'm getting things back to normal. Or as normal as they'll be for the next month while I'm in the throes of Ravelympic Fever '08!

Gotta get back to work... more Ravletes signing up as we speak!


aaron said...

Love you mommy because you "kiss me to bed". llkpoji ujyumjk7tyui9jyuhy7u8jkk8p9i9u8oly

love jordi

smariek said...

The banner has truncated the "08" at the far right side. It appears that way in both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Lady P said...

You're doing an awesome job, Kimberli! Keep up the great work!

I don't know how you do it. So much work - but you're amazing!

WIP Wrestling

Debbie said...

You are a genius and we love that you thought the whole thing up. I can hardly wait.

Hat Dash
Team Mad Hatters (knitting for Caps for a Cure)

Kimberli (aka Wacky Auntie) said...

Wow! I've got comments, I've got comments!!!

And the first is my darling boy. Mama loves you get to bed! ;) Thanks all. I'm having a blast. Good luck and I'll try to post about the Ravelympics again soon.

jingles said...

love the ravelympics idea
may I humbly suggest a very difficult challenge- one most have put off for YEARS
the yarncatholon

1) open up every sack ,bag and drqwer that cunningly hides our yarn stash
2) sort --keep and gasp -leave our stash
3) second sort- categorize our yarn
a) petting zoo -feel it play with only
b) museum piece too pretty to knit
just there to inspire and sigh when we see it
c) assign a pattern so it can come to life
4) find the long lost patterns!!(wow I forgot I even had this stuff and I even still like it!!)
5) put in order
6) sort again ( how could I have once loved this ugly thing!)
7) yarn party call the local yarn group since the yarn is sorted and has a patten name and source on a notecard and ouch ouch give some away!!
8) for the very strongest knitathelte== to reveal the crazy depth of our yarn stash- post it on Ravelry on our page to bring the yarn to life

whew think I sprained a needle even thinking of all the yarn about living rooms about the world --obviously NOT when our significant other is around haha

and SWAP
4) assign a real pattern


Peg said...

You absolutely ROCK!!!! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do!!!

(desertwindsong - Team Hopelessly Overcomitted)

colleenrose said...

Yay!!! We <3 you Kimberli! I am SO excited about Ravelympics, I can hardly stand it! Thank you so much for the zillions of hours you must be putting in on the Ravelympics group. You even responded to my question in the FAQs thread personally! I was shocked!

Team Burnin' Up the Stash 2008
Unofficial team cheerleader ;)

Angelic said...

Yes, organizing is fun but always very time consuming. Happy knitting next week!

Seona said...

Can't wait till tomorrow! Great job - all your efforts are really appreciated x


Patricia said...

Now you can get your life back.
Thanks for hosting. I had a great time!

Kimberli (aka Wacky Auntie) said...

Wow! Lots of comments. I really mustpost things more regularly now that others (besides my devoted family members) have found me!

Thanks everyone. I'm still in my post-Ravlympian hangover but hope to slowly get caught and and re-energized to start blogging regularly!