Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Pool time!

Pool Day, originally uploaded by WackyAuntie.

It's been awhile so here's a quickie...

Can you tell where I'm going with this...yep it's hot here and yes we go to the pool a lot now! I've discovered the joys of wallowing in the cool clear blue waters to beat the heat.

I also spend considerable time packing a heavy 42 pound "Monkey" around, to the detriment of my back.... I really must get him swim lessons here soon.
Pool Day
He's less timid than at first but still not hugely enthusiastic about just diving right in...hence the death-grip hold he puts on Mama. He and Mosey have a blast - when they're not being The Bickersons and driving us all crazy with their petty squabbles (I get to open the gate, No I do, no me, no ME! Whaaaaaaa)

Pool Jun 18
Here's a rare moment of solidarity to gang up on Uncle Onie (Tony), whose quick enough to swim away before getting squirt in the face.

Ahhh what happened to those days of baby-dom where they were just happy sitting there giving each other kisses in the inflatable pool...?

Lovey-doveys in the pool

But wait... in just a few months...

Megan at 7 Months

...a new baby will appear! I don't know how Sis manages to look so cute and trim at 7 months, and actually even smaller than she did at Easter! (Hi Sis...yep, I put you on the blog! I did pick the tasteful black and white pic because everyone looks good in black and white!). I can't wait to see this newbie...hurry and get here baby! Your Auntie wants to meet you!! I think he'll make an appearance before the Sep 3 due date. He's already head down and ready to go. Mommy's ready too!

Oh look,

Penny At the Pool

Our first international visitor of the summer. Meet Penny whose traveling the world to see just how many miles she can log during 2008. She's been to Turkey, Australia, currently flitting around the States, with a stop later this summer in Vegas (she's very excited about that leg of the journey). Then this fall she'll be in China. Thanks to a bunch of crazy Ravelry knitters Penny is having a blast touring the world!
Penny's Sunday Morning Jaunt About Town
We had fun showing her the sites and our favorite hangout, Aria Cafe. (Jana makes the best lattes and oh my lord the pastries are to die for...or at least gain 5 pounds from eating too many over the past months).

Penny's Sunday Morning Jaunt About Town
Yes she even had the wonderful Sunday morning experience of noisy motorcycles and diesel fumes to go along with her scone. Yum!

Then we did a bit of sightseeing:

Penny's Sunday Morning Jaunt About Town
First a museum,

Penny's Sunday Morning Jaunt About Town
Then a little window shopping (she has a fondness for handbags),

Penny's Sunday Morning Jaunt About Town
And of course no visit to our little corner of the world is complete without a picture in front of one of many Calaveras Frogs that decorate the area. She was quite smitten with this big burly guy.

Now dear Penny is somewhere in Ohio or Illinois having a great time and wracking up those frequent flyer miles (I love living vicariously through tiny hand sewn dolls with a lucky British penny inside).

So for now that's it from here. I'm off to go train for the Knitters Olympics! More to come on that endeavor soon...

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Angelic said...

The best thing to do when the weather gets hot! The pictures are so nice, they make me feel like swimming!