Friday, March 7, 2008


A phone conversation with my sister:

Ring, ring...

Sis: Hello?
Me: Hi..(basic friendly, polite sisterly chatter followed by) Does T have Photoshop Elements I can try?
Sis: How many times have you asked me that?
Me: Oh, I don't know, how many?
Sis: At least 3!
Me: Okay, so tell me again...does T have Photoshop Elements?
Sis: Yes, for the fourth time now.
Me: Oh goodie! So my goal is to get a copy to test drive. Remind me of that when I call the next time asking "Does T have Photoshop Elements?"
Sis: Next time I'll just lie and say "No, he doesn't"
Me: Oh...okay. But sis, remember we're victims of Mommynesia!

The above conversation is hard, quantifiable proof of the existence of Mommynesia, a new, scientifically discovered aspect of parenting: Mothers actually lose memory cells in their brains when they push out a baby during childbirth. These cells are lost forever, never to be restored, recovered or regenerated. They are gone...forever. The more children, the more cells lost.

Maybe that's what happened to Great Grandma: After child #7 her memory quota was gone and subsequent children just blended in with the rest. Her final tally: 14. So in actuality she probably had no idea she had that many kids! She did tell Mom once, "Oh honey, it gets much easier after the third and by the seventh, the older ones take care of the new ones."

Some days I feel like I've pushed out a 14-children's load of memory cells. The above conversation a case in point. But I do love my munchkin inordinately, even if he did zap my brain cells to smithereens!

See how adorable he is? How can I worry over a few lost memory cells . . . we all lose them as we get older. Besides I'll have the J-Man by my side, adoring his silly, forgetful Mother always (or at least until he's a moody teen-ager who won't talk or acknowledge his poor old Momma anymore).

It was worth sacrificing my memory to have this face to look at every day. Love you son!

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