Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time for a Haircut!

Yep, Mom finally gave in to Dad's (and Mey-Mey's, Grandma's, Papa's...) nagging and gave me a haircut today. I was looking pretty shaggy before...but not now!

Now I'm fiesty with my new shorter do and I've discovered something else: I have ears!

Look here's the second ear. Mom did try to cut my earlobe off, but only once. I yelped pretty good but no blood was drawn.

Now discovering I have ears doesn't mean I'll take the bananas out that seem to grown in there. Or at least that's what Mom's always saying... "Hey Boy, take the bananas out of your ears!" Not sure why she says that so often...but she's always saying it.

Me and Mom
One thing I do know: My ears are now cold! Mom needs to knit me a new hat just to keep them warm. Or better yet some ear muffs...yeah, that'd be cool!

But I do love Mom. Just wish she'd learn to cut my hair faster because it sure takes her forever. My bum goes numb sitting there for a whole hour while she snips, snips, snips. Good thing she only gets around to cutting my hair every three months or so. Now I'm good until at least next year!

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