Monday, January 21, 2008

Are you ready for my close up Mr. De Mille?

Yes, my precious baby boy whose not yet four years old is channeling Cecile B. De Mille from the beyond!

This weekend Jordi discovered the joys of a tripod and the video setting on Aaron's camera. As a perpetually distracted Mother I had no idea the extent of his videographic abilities until I went to upload the camera's memory card into the computer. It was filled with little vignettes my son spent ages creating. His directorial prowess impressed me. There are all types of genres represented: sci-fi (Attack of the Killer Ikea Crocodile), in depth family portraits (Jordi and his Lions on the Couch), and even a few post-modern interpretations filled with views of uninhabited rooms, dark stairways leading to the garage. There's even a documentation of his Method Acting practice where he experiments with various freaky-faces poses; the kind that most Mother's would tell their kids: Honey don't do that your face could freeze that way and then you'd never get a date to the prom!
Jordi's Directorial Debut!

Wow...if he can do this telling where he can go! Spielberg better watch his back...there's a new kid in town.

While most of the time I feel guilty about the amount of time I don't pay attention to my dear, sweet angelic son, there are benefits. Jordi would never have discovered his talent for directing and cinematography; I wouldn't have found a few quiet moments (...okay I admit it was more like many, many minutes...) to sit peacefully knitting all along in my "Pooh Room" (I'll explain this in another post) drinking tea and listening to early medieval music. And Daddy wouldn't have time to work uninterrupted by Jordi's frequent demands that it's "his turn" on the computer Daddy, so go away so I can do my picture work."

But more importantly, my son wouldn't have found a new creative outlet for his artistic abilities! We have a ton of photos and videos that may someday be worth a lot auctioned off on Ebay, once Jordi gets his first Oscar or Pulitzer. Or maybe he'll become the next Annie Leibowitz... The world is his oyster!

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