Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's a wacky auntie?

Okay, wacky is not the term I'd use to describe myself. From my vantage point I'd say, "Kim? Well she's kinda boring, tends to be too tightly wound, disorganized and way too serious about life in general." Ask my family...they say I'm a hoot! I do make them laugh, usually when I'm not really trying to either. So I'm not convinced that I'm really a "wacky" crazy gal, but I'll give it a whirl.

Now for "aunite": Well I'm an auntie as well as a mom. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely , adoringly love my son, Jordi. Especially since he's my one and only bambino, with no others lurking on the horizon (thank you age, lack of fertility and raging hormones not conducive to conception - not to mysteriously missing an ovary- don't have it, never did!). So as much as I'd love another adorable, precious, energetic, demanding, sassy, rambunctious energy zapping bundle of sweetly baby-smelling love, ... well it just ain't goin' happen in this lifetime. Fortunately my dear, long-suffering hubby agrees.

But that's okay! I'm lucky enough to have a much younger (12 1/2 years to be exact-to the day) sister who has both ovaries and mucho fertility. Bingo-I can live vicariously through her! Let her suffer through the seemingly endless, oppressive days of nausea, groin pain, sleeplessness and stretch marks - not to mention the pain and agony of childbirth (which today is easily remedied: can we say "epidural?"-unless you're my sister who pops babies out too fast to get one). Instead of agonizing over my lack of fertility I can instead channel that energy into raising my son to the absolute best of my ability, and become the wackiest auntie I can be!!!! In the process I hope Jordi thinks I'm pretty wacky too.

I'm not sure what a wacky auntie is but I think it entails lots of hugs, cupcakes, secrets, running around screaming with wild abandon, and other sundry things (probably including bailing out my niece and son from lock up because of some silly stunt they pulled). I aspire to the level of Auntie Mame, but doubt I can ever get there due to my inherent reserve and reticence to be the center of attention. How I would love to be so free and wild!

That's my goal...maybe someday I'll get there. In the meantime I'll keep inadvertently making my family laugh and loving my son and niece with abandon!

Everyone should be so lucky as to have a Wacky Auntie!


Megan said...

I think it is terrific, but I have to say you are Whacky! You live up to the name!

belinda said...

Don't forget you are also honorary wacky aunt to three huge boys in the Middle East! They don't get to see you often enough but they do remember you with love.